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Fun Club package for young people

Societe Generale Montenegro prepared a package of products for young people to support their everyday life – Fun Club package.

Cash loan FREŠ KEŠ

If you need cash to buy something you really want FREŠ KEŠ loan is the right solution for you.

1000+ apartments

Societe Generale banka Montenegro signed an agreement on participation in the project "1000+ apartments" with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of the Government of Montenegro. All who meet the requirements of the competition will have the opportunity to buy an apartment at a nominal interest rate of 3.99% on annually basis for a loan with a repayment period of 20 years, one-time fee of 0.4%, and optionally a grace period up to 12 months and life insurance, if a request for a loan does not exceed € 50,000. In addition to the basic offer, which is valid in the context of the "1000+ apartments", Societe Generale banka Montenegro offers additional solutions for those who meet the criteria.

Branch offices

Real estates

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